Helpful Resources

I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for my friends. It’s for this reason that I want to share these helpful Jewish resources.

Kol Chesed HaTorah – This is my main community and I consider them as close as family. The community is truly unique a coalition between Orthodox Jews & Karaite Jews.

Kol Chesed HaTorah Blog – We just recently started this blog and hope to get it off the ground as more people request Jewish perspectives on life’s many questions.

Adath Miqra Emet – This is the official site of a Karaite Jewish headed up by one of my closest friends in the world, Avraham ben Adam / Travis Wheeler — noted Karaite Jewish personality and the only certified Karaite shochet (kosher butcher) in the United States.

Six Star Beef & Poultry – Your source of Karaite-certified kosher meat in the United States. When I say “your source”, that’s not marketing lingo. It really is your only source.

A Blue Thread – Run by my good friend and multi-generation Karaite Jewish personality, Shawn Lichaa, I would venture to say that this is the most popular English-language Karaite Jewish blog in existence.

Truth2U – Based out of Australia and run by my good friend Jono Vandor, Truth2U is an amazing resource for all kinds of Jewish learning.

SpiritualBabies – This is a terrific resource for those interested in various aspects of study of the Tanakh and much more.

The Karaite Jews of America – Mostly comprised of the traditional Egyptian Karaite Jewish community that now resides in Daly City, CA, these are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

The Karaite Press – The foremost English-language Karaite Jewish publisher in the world. Make sure to sign up for the email newsletter to find out about new titles that they seem to be releasing constantly.

Mikdash Me’at: The English Language Abridgment of Adderet Eliyahu – This ongoing work of acclaimed Karaite Jewish scholar, Tomer Mangoubi, is the translation of Rav Eliyahu ben Moshe Bashyatzi, Mikdash Me’at is a pivotal work in English-language Karaite Jewish halachic study…and you can read it for free.

Congregation B’nai Emunah – This is the official website of the synagogue in Tulsa where my wife and I visit and pray.

The Office of Rabbi Sacks – This is the official website of one of my favorite living spiritual mentors, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. Make sure to subscribe to his weekly podcast.

Netiv – This is a Jewish community out of Humble, TX that provides lots of great hands-on Torah education.

Outreach Judaism – This is a Jewish organization run by the legendary Rabbi Tovia Singer that specializes in countering the efforts of missionaries to lure Jews away from Judaism. There are many great resources here.

Have a resource to share? Let me know!

Non-spiritual resources:

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