There's No Shame In Looking Away

The other day, I was scrolling through some blogs that I like to read on different topics. I was reading one blog from an Orthodox Jewish source and when I noticed on the sidebar an advertisement for a website that sells t-shirts. It didn’t seem like any big deal that the female model was showing off a regular t-shirt with a catchy slogan on it, but as I scrolled down, I was shocked to see that she was only wearing underwear from the waist down. All of this was on website that was supposed to be wholesome! I know that the author of the blog, who makes most of his living from the advertisements on his blog, had no control over the kind of content that was in the advertisements on that side bar. A quick refreshing of the page changed the advertisement to something else. Later, I was walking with my wife in the local mall. As we rounded the corner, a Victoria’s Secret shop with 15-foot tall pictures of women in their underwear adorned a good 50 feet of window space. I quickly had to dart my eyes to the shops on the other side as we walked past (and yes, I would have even if I had been alone). Another such instance occurred while my wife and I were rooting for our Oklahoma City Thunder during the NBA Finals and a Kia Auto commercial came on. The commercial involved a man dreaming about driving a Kia and about a very scantily clad woman. I guess the advertisers had to throw the woman into the commercial because no man fantasizes about driving a Kia. They have run out of ideas and are relying on the tried and true in order to sell products. 

This post is not a message to the advertisers who are using sexual imagery to sell products. We live in a free country where people are free to use whatever means necessary to advertise their products just as we are free to look away. This is for those who feel funny about looking away from such advertisements. If you feel like you will endure ridicule, fear being called “uptight”, or fear being accused of acting superior because of how you guard your eyes, don’t feel that way. You are not alone. There are many others out there who don’t want to do anything to contaminate the purity of their hearts and their relationships with their spouses by deriving pleasure from looking upon such things. 

For those of your who enjoy looking at such things, you’re more than free to do so. Keep looking and capture such images in your mind. Still, know that what you’re looking at is not an attractive man or woman, but rather a symbol of sexuality that has been developed by unoriginal advertisers in attempts to hack your body’s own sexual nature. These women and men are not representative of the whole of their gender’s sexual appeal, but are picked from a slew of others for their look, are cosmetically, digitally, and sometimes surgically enhanced, and made to be stripped of self-respect and individuality. Indulging in fantasies based on these images will only warp your perception of what a woman or man is supposed to look like and finding satisfaction with those within your own physical “league” will become difficult.

By looking away, you’re not a prude; you’re simply not believing the lie. 
– Ken