Yom Abba: a Father's Day Dedication

As we celebrate the national holiday of Father’s Day, let me introduce blog readers to my dad. Robert “Rob” Roy Lane is just about the greatest father anyone could ever have. I could go on, but the rest are just details. Oh, alright. Fine, I’ll continue. 
Since I can remember, my dad has been the perfect combination of love and discipline in a parent. I don’t recall a single day of my childhood going by without multiple hugs along with being told “I love you”, but he could also be a disciplinarian when he needed to be; and yes, every spanking I received, I totally had coming, if not had had coming for quite some time. Not only was he an outstanding son to his parents, but has always been head-over-heels in love with my mother and has always treated her like a queen. He’s been teaching me how to be the best husband I can be as well as imparting some of his own father’s knowledge on parenting; “The greatest thing you can do for your children is love their mother.”
Yes, that’s me on the far left from high school. Don’t you judge.
To this day, I believe that my strong relationship with God is because I’ve had such a strong father-figure in my life. With a biological father that provided for me, truly loved me and gave me signs of his love, disciplined me, and would intently listen to any and all of my problems, it wasn’t much of a stretch to think that there was an Eternal Father who might possibly do the same. Before I really had a relationship with God, he helped pave the way for a relationship with the Father unlike anyone could. 
It’s probably weird to a lot of my friends my age that my dad is one of my best friends that I talk with on a regular basis. We’re beyond father and son, we’re pals. We’re buds. We’re chums. We’re homies. With that being said, he still won’t hesitate to tell me where I’m screwing up (again, I have it coming). 
I’m eternally grateful for the father I have. It is my regular prayer that I’m at least half of the father he is. I love you, dad. 

Shalom and Happy Father’s Day.