Ken Lane’s Media Portfolio

Welcome to the multimedia portfolio of Ken Lane. Here you will find some examples of written and multimedia pieces.

Video Content

All of the following videos were written, shot, and edited by Ken Lane.

“Why OakTree?” Company Overview

“Weekend Events in Tulsa & OKC”

Tech Tutorial

Tech Promotional Video

Service Announcement

Written Content

From LinkedIn:

Blog Content:

8 Tips To Achieve Work-Life Balance Through Separation

How To Budget Your Day With Time Blocking (+5 Helpful Tips)

Technology Sabbath: Why To Take A Break From Devices & How

5 Ways Volunteering Can Help Your Job Search

Ken The Tech: What I Learned During My Time as Sewing Machine Mechanic.

How To Sit For a Job Interview

Download PDF of various writing samples:
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Podcast Content

An example of a podcast episode written, recorded, narrated and edited by Ken Lane.

Promotional Materials Design

Here are a few examples of some promotional pieces for social media posts created by Ken Lane.

Landing Page Example: Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher Promo

september 2016training news (4)

Upcoming Learning Opportunity (1) 2

Teachingis thegreatest actof optimism. (2)

Video Talent

The following is a video I hosted for a local Tulsa business.

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