About Okie Hebrew

Okie Hebrew is a collection of Jewish thoughts that transcend denominational and sectarian lines. Though the author is an observant Jew, the content of this site does not necessarily subscribe to a specific derech (path).  Instead, it does it’s best to investigate and weigh Jewish spiritual ideas and how they impact our world.

About The Author

My name is Yefet ben Ezra, English name – Ken Lane. I’m a midwestern observant Jewish creator who works professionally in media marketing and semi-professionally in literature and music. I started Okie Hebrew many years ago as I began to explore the faith of my fathers and have since been looking at new ways of seeing the world through a spiritually Jewish lens. My wife and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with our cat Ramone. Bezrat HaShem (G-d willing), we’ll have children and I’ll write more about that.

The mission of my writings are not to help you come to certain conclusions, but to instead have you asking questions about which you didn’t even know to wonder.

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