VIDEO: How to Tie Karaite Jewish Tzitzit

The Monday after the 2015 Shavuot Gathering in Daly City, CA, some of the North American Karaites were hanging out in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA. After eating some lunch, Matthew Rolland and Azriel Kowtek decided to show the rest of us the traditional Karaite Jewish method of tying tzitzit. I just happened to have a camera and a phone on me to document it. I apologize for the poor sound, as we were in a restaurant. I will try and provide subtitles soon.

Video: Your Questions Answered Vol. 1

In a past video, I asked if you guys had any questions for me. Here are a few (paraphrasing).

1. What drew you convert to Judaism?

2. What made you interested in Karaite Judaism?

3. What kind of music/musical instruments do you play?

4. How are you children going to educated in Judaism.

Enjoy and feel free to provide more questions in the comments below! Your question may be featured in the next video.

Meet Ken Lane – Creator of Okie Hebrew

Because most of the people who read posts to this website or listen to the podcasts are in far-away places and have never met me, I made this very short video as a tiny glimpse into my day-to-day world. Though we’re still a community, sometimes we have trouble putting faces/personalities with names and articles we see online. It’s also just another excuse for me to brag on Tulsa, Oklahoma. Enjoy!