Okie Hebrew Podcast: Podcast With an Oklahoma Karaite Jewish Feel

The Okie Hebrew Show: The Karaite Jewish Podcast to Listen to While You Do Other Stuff

Greetings, friends! Over the past couple years, I’ve been a huge fan of the media voice known as the podcast. Since I don’t really watch TV, I really enjoy listening to podcasts put out on a whole variety of subjects from a whole myriad of speakers – from the published/polished professionals to the average joes simply talking about their passion. I usually don’t enjoy talking just to hear my own voice, but I do get a lot of questions sent to me through the site and I don’t usually have nearly enough time to answer (or attempt to answer) them all through this blog. I’ve decided to give podcasting a shot through the Okie Hebrew brand to answer questions, expound on issues of Torah and also bring Jewish as well as non-Jewish personalities to the forefront for discussions on…well…whatever you guys want! Here’s what I’m asking from you guys: 

1. What would you like to see from an Okie Hebrew podcast? 

2. How would you personally go about it? (I think I know how, but I haven’t done it yet!) 

3. Questions. Feel free to send in questions I’ll do my best to answer them or at least find answers to the questions from people who know much more about me. 

4. Who are some guests you’d like to hear from on this show?

You can comment on here, on Facebook or email me at ken@okiehebrew.com

This podcast will cover everything from just the Hebrew Scriptures, Karaite Judaism and Karaite Jewish traditions, Karaite History, Karaite/Rabbinic relations and interpretations, health and diet, and all things OKIE. 

Thanks and I look forward to bringing you something to listen to while you’re in the car, mowing the grass, folding laundry or just kicking it in your hammock with you cat and a tasty micro-brew. 

Shalom and Shavua Tov! 
– Ken

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