Karaite Jewish Videos: Ben Gurion University Looks into Karaite Judaism

Anytime a non-Karaite source looks more deeply into Karaite Judaism, I am very pleased. Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel has more educational videos on Karaite Judaism on YouTube than most any other source I’ve found. Here are some of my favorites that I feel reveal the most about Karaite Judaism to the benefit of the English speaker.

In this video, Chief Hakham Moshe Firrouz of Universal Karaite Judaism leads a Q&A with some visitors from Ben Gurion University. It starts in Hebrew with a echo-thick mic, but it don’t worry – it changes to English with no more mic at around 2 minutes.

In this video, Moshe first acts as tour guide to the university visitors to the Karaite synagogue in Beer Sheva, Israel. Then the viewer gets a taste of the traditional Karaite Jewish prayer service for the evening.

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