A Blue Thread | A Jewish Blog With a Thread of Karaite Throughout

 As an information junkie, I’m always on the look-out for interesting blogs with fresh new perspectives and a great voice to express them. Being a Karaite, finding Jewish blogs about Karaite Judaism isn’t always easy as our numbers aren’t exactly what they used to be in the 9th-11th centuries. Still, I feel I have struck gold with my good friend and fellow Karaite blogger Shawn Lichaa. Shawn is a blogger who has certainly done his homework. In his Karaite Jewish blog “A Blue Thread”, he first an foremost brings a Jewish blog about everything from Karaite Talmud envy to Aviv status of Eretz Yisrael. I’ve included his blog in my group of links on the sidebar and look forward to discussing different issues of Torah and Karaite culture in the future with him. Make sure you take a look at his blog – you won’t regret it!

Jewish kneeling prayer Karaites
Source: Magnes Museum; The Karaite Jews- Karaite Service, Foster City, CA by Ira Nowinski (Egypt, Israel, and USA, 1984)